– Cross Market Assets Binary Options Trading announced the launch of its cross market assets trading which provides traders access to trade on cross markets such as Gold V/s Euro, Facebook V/s Google and so on. By launching the cross markets binary options trading, iOption has become the first binary options trading broker to offer access to trading different markets within a single trade.

What is the Cross Market Assets Trading

Cross market assets trading comes from a basic shortcoming of OTC trading where traders could not access instruments across different markets. For example trading Crude Oil against the US dollar and so on. Under normal circumstances, traders who want to trade Crude Oil against US Dollar would have to open two seperate trades, one for Crude Oil and the other for US dollar. With the cross market assets trading, it is now possible to trade assts from different markets within a single trade.

As the markets and brokers continue to evolve, there was a fundamental roadblock in offering a cross over between the markets despite trading with a single broker. The only alternative was to open individual trades each coming with its own rules and trading requirements.

Cross Markets Trading -

The Cross Markets trading is a great addition to While cross markets trading is known to be risky, the rewards they offer are considerably higher than regular assets trading. To be successful in cross markets trading, traders would need to have a firm understanding of the market and price movements across different markets. For example trading a cross market asset such as Gold and Euro would require knowledge and prevailing market conditions on the commidities as well as currency markets.

Cross market trades and cross market assets

Cross market trades are basically the old version of trading assets from different markets, which over time came to be known as cross market assets. Some of the most common cross market assets include USD/Gold, USD/Silver and so on. The development of the binary options markets, especially with iOption makes trading cross market assets a great way to increase the variation of trading choices, albeit the fact that cross market trading requires better understanding of the factors that move the prices.’s cross market assets trading enables trades to instantly trade the cross market assets enjoying the benefits of two trades in one.

How to access the cross markets binary options trading

At iOption, simply click on the drop down menu on the trading screen and select the asset pair you want to trade. Examples could be Google/Facebook. One of the points to keep in mind when trading cross market assets is that they are available only during market hours. So if you were to trade Google/Facebook, this cross market asset would be available only during the US trading hours.

To get started with Cross markets trading, click here to open account with iOption.

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